Find your ideal customers with SEO!

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I recently went to a Moroccan restaurant and I really enjoyed the music. I tried to contact the manager through email to find out the genre of music and I never got a response.

There was only one other option, hit up Google and Yahoo!

I searched for “Morocco Music” “Casaba Lounge Songs” and “Middle East techno.” I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was getting extremely frustrated.

I am spoiled and used to having my questions answered immediately on the internet.

I wondered whether this was a failure of the Search Engine or the failure of an E-Commerce site that is not optimized. Maybe I failed as a searcher?

Maybe there is a company that sells the music I am looking for and their site is not optimized.

Are they going after keywords like “CD’s” and “Buy Music” that are too competitive, going up against and Sometimes finding the right e-commerce site on search engines is like navigating through a jungle and you just get beat up and disoriented, so you just exit.

If you are an E-Commerce owner that is unhappy with your organic traffic this could be your problem.

About 70% of the searches done on the major search engines are unique, your business is unique…capitalize on it.

Potential customers are trying to navigate through a jungle to get to your site and to the product they want.

If a company like Exclusive Concepts optimizes your site we essentialy help clear the forest.