Fastest-growing websites

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Among the top 10 online brands, Apple was the fastest-growing site in terms of traffic in November of 2005. As a result of new products like the iPod Nano, Apple’s traffic increased 57% compared to November of 2004. Google was second thanks to its seemingly endless parade of new features and services, growing 29% from last November to this year. Here are the top five sites and the percentage by which their traffic grew from November 2004 to November 2005:

1. Apple 57%
2. Google 29%
3. Amazon 16%
4. MapQuest 13%
5. Real Networks 12%

Across all websites the fastest growers are aimed at teens and young adults. Here are the top four with their rates of growth:

1. 1,492%
2. MySpace 752%
3. FaceBook 530%
4. 446%

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