Facebook Overtakes YouTube for Branded Videos

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It’s no secret that Facebook has rapidly been overtaking YouTube in terms of branded videos. Companies are using the site’s broad user base to promote new products and services directly on the world’s largest social network. It’s safe to say that the gap between Facebook and YouTube video shares will continue to widen, perhaps changing the long-term landscape for how consumers interact with the brands they love.

With over a 1.23 billion active monthly users (compared to around a billion YouTube users), brands are finding that Facebook users tend to interact more than those on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and other video-oriented social media platforms. In a year’s time, studies showed that Facebook’s branded videos beat out YouTube’s by nearly 20,000 posts, while Vimeo and Instagram video branded posts remained steadily below both at under 20,000 posts total. The two big players — Facebook and YouTube — will continue to battle for consumers’ attention and affection.

Some long-term forecast also predict that Facebook will not only overtake YouTube in terms of overall branded video impressions, but will likely take some of YouTube’s stake in the social media space, meaning that many companies will replace their branded video content on YouTube with videos on Facebook. In other words, YouTube will continue to lose stake, while Facebook will gain more.

The raw fact is that Facebook simply gets more interactions, which can lead to more impressions. Interactions include liking, sharing or commenting on a brand’s posts, and Facebook users tended to do more than any other social sharing site, a year-long study found. Facebook gets over half of all video interactions and around 80 percent of all video interactions.

So for marketers who want a surefire way to make brand impressions, Facebook is the obvious choice. Until the space is disrupted, it’s likely that users will continue to see more and more branded content on the site they use the most. For more on this topic, check out this article.