Exclusive Concepts PPC Audit – PPC Tuesday



Today I’d like to discuss the Pay Per Click Account Audits offered by Exclusive Concepts. Having your pay per click account audited by a professional can provide insight into your marketing efforts and guide you to become more profitable using Pay Per Click.

An Exclusive Concepts PPC Audit is an audit done on your PPC account by one of our PPC Specialists. One of our PPC professionals will carefully examine your account in four key areas: Campaign Structure, Ad Copy, Keyword Selection & Bids, and Conversion & Revenue tracking.

Each area is assigned specific numerical value that add up to create an audit grade at the end of our audit process. Using this method we are able to determine if your account is appropriately structured to be the most profitable to you.

Once we have completed our review of your account, you will have the opportunity to speak personally to one of our PPC Specialists who will go over our findings in detail with you.

Some areas that might be discussed include better ways to structure your campaigns and ad groups, suggestions for different match types or negative keywords, suggestions for the use of ad extensions, or information on how to improve your ad copy or better test your messaging. We’ll also discuss conversion and revenue tracking, and explain ways that getting additional data can help improve your overall profitability. You’ll have the opportunity to go over the audit in detail and ask us any questions you might have.

If you want to optimize your PPC account performance this year, let us work with you to show you areas that can be improved. If you watch the blog frequently, you’ll know that there have been many recent developments in the way retailers can advertise using PPC. Our PPC Audit can show you whether you’re using all of the new technologies that are available.