Exclusive Concepts’ New Website

By Scott

Exclusive Concepts is pleased to announce that the cobbler’s children now have shoes!

The past few years have been especially busy, so much so that we’ve neglected our own marketing efforts. Our previous Website was in dire need of a makeover, and we felt it was time to “eat our own dog food?? so to speak. In other words, like the sites we design for our customers, we wanted our site to offer compelling information about what we do and what makes us uniquely qualified to do it.

I’m proud to say that we won’t have to apologize for our Website any longer. Today, Tuesday, July 25, our new site www.exclusiveconcepts.com goes live.

What I like about the new site is that it really tells a story. The “Services” section reveals how we partner with our clients to become extensions of their internal marketing teams. The “Client Success” section highlights past results, case studies and numerous testimonials. The “Learning Center” features many insightful articles discussing a variety of important marketing issues, from branding to search engine marketing. And the “About Us” section is really about us. It tells the story of how we came together, and how Exclusive Concepts became what it is today.

This is just the beginning of what will evolve into a valuable Web presence, not just for us, but for you. We’ll keep you posted as our site continues to grow into an invaluable resource for marketing decision makers. We haven’t simply built a Website—we’ve laid the foundation for great things to come.

We hope you’ll companion with us as we continue to learn and grow, taking advantage of the know-how we’ve gained to benefit your own business. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly updates by email.

Here’s to a long future of making the Web work for you.

Yours very truly,

Scott Smigler
Exclusive Concepts, Inc.