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What could be the fastest, most profitable way to increase revenue: Optimized Lifecycle E-Mail Marketing.

Want to learn how to harness that profitability for your e-Commerce store? Attend our free webinar on Wednesday, January 26th at 2pm EST.

The right approach to e-mail marketing for eCommerce stores can be broken down to doing what is highly effective and staying away from risky practices.

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In the Course of this Webinar You Will Learn How to:

1.       Increase your online store’s profitability

2.       Create more revenue from past customers

3.       Engage new customers and re-engage old customers

4.       Avoid risky practices that could sabotage the success of your email program

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What is Optimized LifeCycle Email Marketing?

Optimized Lifecycle Email Marketing is the newest core service offered by Exclusive Concepts. It leverages the science of conversion marketing to develop a more optimized newsletter and trigger approach for your online store – resulting in a fast and extremely profitable way to increase revenue.

What technology do we use? We’ve partnered with Bronto, StoneEdge, and TopRight to deliver an industry-leading email marketing service that is truly optimized.

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If you have questions, or would like to talk to a services consultant please email us at krose@exclusiveconcepts.com