Exciting Google AdWords Updates For Early 2010

By Kevin

As we enter the world of Paid Search in the year 2010 Google continues to roll out new and exciting extensions to enhance the paid search experience. The two newest Ad Extensions come in the form of Click-to-Call Ads for mobile ads as well as Lead Form Extensions.

Click-to-Call Ads will dramatically change the way that mobile search will be utilized. The last two years have promised that they would be the year that mobile search would “breakout”. Unfortunately not much was done to enhance the experience and paid search never made a big splash. This newest addition to AdWords may make the difference. Now when someone performs a search on their mobile device, ads will show the phone number for that local businesses associated with their search. This will be a huge advantage if you are a local business as the person simply can click the number on the ad to call your business directly.

The Lead Form Extension is ideal for, you guessed it, lead generation campaigns! Much like the Product Extension option within AdWords, this new Beta extension presents a drop down at the bottom of the ad. The drop down will display a simple lead form to fill out while keeping the user on the search results page. There will be the ability to choose field options for the form for the business’s particular needs. The trick with this new feature is that it requires you to be in the number one ad position for targeted keywords.  Will paying top dollar for the number one position be worth it? Time will tell if people are responsive to the lead form but my opinion is that this is will be successful on a case by case basis. With everything in search it really comes down to examining your industry and weighing the pros and cons while keeping your budget in mind.

These are just two new features for Google AdWords in this extremely young new year. One thing is for sure. Google is not resting on their laurels of being number one. The Yahoo! and Bing merger should mean more and more advanced features from all engines in order to keep advertisers invested in their products.