Google's High Speed Internet Initiative; and the benefits of entrepreneurial thinking

By Scott

I started Exclusive Concepts because I love business, and because I wanted to spend my life working with entrepreneurial thinkers and doers. Why? Because entrepreneurial-minded individuals, regardless of their position in an organization: Think creatively. Work proactively. Never give up. These are traits that I value immensely.

In the face of the doom and gloom periods that have come and gone throughout the history of the world, entrepreneurial thinkers and doers have pushed us forward by creating new services, developing new products, and by inventing new technologies.

These innovations are necessary in order for economies to grow over the long-term, and for many of the quality-of-life improvements we have seen and will continue to see.

That’s why yesterday’s announcement by Google is so exciting.

Google announced an experiment: They are building a new broadband network. Their goal is to deliver Internet speeds to users “more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections” (according to the Google Blog). Their initial experiment will involve 50,000 to 500,000 people. If the experiment works and Google decides to scale this, it could have a major impact on the quality of our lives and on our economy.

You may be thinking… this is just an experiment. Why is it exciting?

My answer is three-fold:

1) The Potential: I believe that Google has the resources it will need to significantly increase the speed of the Internet. Ultra high speed Internet will enable a new wave of disruptive technological innovations that will positively impact many aspects of our lives.

2) The Economy: A new wave of technological innovations will provide more long-term stimulus to the economy than any government could hope to provide.

3) They’re trying: Google may or may not succeed in increasing the speed of the Internet, but at least they’re taking on big challenges. In the face of a recession it is common for individuals and companies alike to look around and wait for a rising tide to lift them up. But when businesses, large and small, demonstrate the commitment to experiment with ideas that are “big” relative to the resources they have access to, you can be sure that good things will come.

Google is just one more example (albeit a big example) of a business trying to grow by tapping into the power of the entrepreneurial mind. All companies should be challenging themselves to do the same, especially during periods of economic decline. To do otherwise would be to cede the future of your business to chance – a very dangerous thought.

Here at Exclusive Concepts we are constantly pushing ourselves to think big and to learn through carefully planned and targeted experiments. On one hand we want to be visionaries as we try to predict trends in order to position our clients for success. On the other hand, we want to leverage our knowledge in order to innovate, so that we can position our clients as the LEADERS in their market.

As this year progresses I encourage you to think about your own business, and to think about where it’s going. What will your business need to do to keep up with emerging trends in your industry? And how can your business create new trends that enable you to: 1) stand out from your competitors 2) broaden existing and new revenue streams 3) create new jobs and 4) improve the lives of your customers?