Embedded Ad Sitelinks – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


For just about two years now Google AdWords has allowed you to add additional links under your traditional ad when your ads are served above the search results.

This has allowed advertisers to highlight major categories for their site and provide a direct link to those pages within the site.

Advertisers are able to measure the performance of their sitelinks by running a report under the ads tab in the campaign and add the Click Type segment in order to see which sitelinks have been clicked on by the searchers.

Here at Exclusive Concepts we have seen this work wonders for clients but also provide too many distraction for the consumer for others. We recommend testing out the feature for your business to see if it’s the right fit for your site.

Google has recently enhanced Sitelinks to now feature Embedded Sitelinks within your PPC ads for what they hope provides easier integration of targeted links within your ads.

Embedded sitelinks actually link part of your ad text to another URL within your site similar to regular sitelinks. With embedded sitelinks Google has removed the additional lines appended to your text ad. Their goal is for potential customers to be able to pick the part of your ad that directly relates to their current interest and visit the most relevant page on your site for that topic.

To have embedded sitelinks show your campaign must have Sitelinks enabled. The ad also needs to be above the search results similar to the original sitelinks. The most important requirement for embedded sitelinks to be enabled is that part of your ad text must exactly match one or more of your sitelinks.

It is recommended that you take full advantage of the 10 sitelinks allowed for each campaign and use specific, shorter link text. This enables you to modify your ad text to incorporate the sitelinks in order to trigger the embedded feature.

While Google has stated that embedded sitelinks are currently restricted to ads above the fold the future could mean implementation for all ads.

Even while putting together today’s blog I stumbled upon an ad for Apple that could be showing us the future is near. In my opinion this is a much better example of how effective embedded sitelinks can truly be. Each product is linked taking the consumer directly to the device that they were looking for.

Time will always tell with these new features but this is one that I believe will be used heavily this upcoming holiday season.