Email Thursday – Utilizing Behaviors for Email

By Exclusive Concepts


Your email database is YOUR perfect target market. It is full of people who either bought from you, or opted in to have you email them. Like any market you will have some users that are more active than others. You may have some loyal buyers who don’t need emails from you to keep buying, users who need a little incentive like a coupon to encourage them to buy, and those who have stopped engaging with you.

This happens to every database. With the amount of emails people receive every day it is hard to keep up with everything. Therefore marketers, your database’s email boxes are your battlefield. So how do you compete with every other email and win the attention of your reader.

There are many ways to compete including effective subject lines, enticing offers, and sending schedule but that’s not what I will be discussing today. Today I want to speak about how to win back those fickle subscribers who haven’t interacted with you in a while.

We are all guilty of this. Opening emails from retailers every day until we get too busy, sick of their offers, or just generally uninterested. However, as a marketer it is important to know that people can be persuaded back and using their behaviors is a perfect way to do that.

It is hard to send relevant emails, at the right time, featuring the right products but using behaviors can make it a little bit easier.

Here are 3 examples:

RueLaLa – I receive their emails every day at 11am EST. In the beginning I would open the emails and check the deals every day. Now, I have stopped checking as frequently unless I see a compelling brand in the subject line

So what did they do? The used my behaviors by utilizing the brands I had purchased to send me a different email. I purchased Oakley sunglasses for my dad last year – now a year later – they send me an email saying “Guess what is coming back”. This way they keep people buying by focusing on brands they have purchased in the past. It seems simple, but it is extremely effective. I marked the day Oakley was offered again and bought a pair for my brother.

The next week I received a similar email about Michael Kohrs…Now RueLaLa know my preferences and my wallet is in trouble.

Buy With Me – Again, another email I used to check every day when I first started receiving them. Now my email box is inundated with Groupons, Travel Deals, Living Social, and finally Buy With Me. I can’t keep up so I don’t buy unless my friends tell me to.

Buy With Me must have noticed I was no longer opening their emails – something that is relatively easy to do with the right email platform – and sent me a 20% offer to come back. Again, they used my behavior of not opening to send me and email that gave me a value proposition and different subject line.

I’ve never received emails from Facebook about not being engaged because I am on Facebook quite a big – but I’ve read in a few articles that Facebook is very good at re-engaging users by letting them know “You have Notifications Pending!” and “You have a Birthday this week!” to get people to re-engage with Facebook.

So what does this mean for e-retailers? It is important to use the data to discover user behaviors that can help you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. LifeCycle Email Marketing from Exclusive Concepts can help you discover the right triggers for your database!

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