Email Thursday – The Power of Personalization

By Optimized Email Marketing Team


This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing some Holiday Shopping with my lovely mother. There was a HUGE sale at one of our favorite stores in the mall. As you can imagine it was overwhelming crowded and extremely hot in there. My mom came across a great gift she thought my sister would love. When she realized I wasn’t right next to her to show me, she proceeded to yell for me. Then it happened, I stopped dead in my tracks… she yelled my government name in HIGH volume across the store…J A C Q U E L I N E !!!

Yes, I was mortified. But, after having some time to reflect on the incident I immediately thought about e-mail and how important personalization is. At this point, you most likely collect the first name associated with your e-mail records, but the question is do you use it and should you? Using first name within your e-mail specifically the subject line packs some punch. As you can see from my personal example first name is an attention grabber. When someone is scanning their e-mail box they are most attracted to their first name. Using a subject line that includes a personalization element in a conversational type context is very impactful. A great example of this is “Hey Violet, did you know about our VIP handbag sale”? What we’ve done by dynamically populating the first name within the subject line is aroused the consumer’s curiosity.

On average using the consumer’s first name within an e-mail has demonstrated a 10-15% increase in open rates on average, but that’s when using the first name is done correctly! Some things to watch out for. Always set a default. In the event you do not have a first name within your database for a specific record you’ll want to publish the default. An example of a strong default is “Valued Customer”. Don’t stop at first name! Targeting is everything in todays market place. Personalize your subject line with client content preferences, interests, and websites visited. Be sure to test, test, test, to ensure you are continuously improving performance and driving revenue!