Email Thursday – Synergy: Email and Web



Today is Email Thursday and I’m your presenter, Andy. Today’s topic is Synergy: Email and the Web.

One of the most elemental practices for effective marketing strategies is to make sure that your efforts in the marketing realm compliment each other. Now, this may seem obvious, “Andy, tell me something I don’t know.” But, you’d be surprised how many companies I run into that don’t seem to apply this simple and straightforward approach to marketing. I’ll visit their website, see an add in a Google search and receive an email and often it feels like I am communicating with 3 different companies.

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Many of our customers come to us for this very reason: they want synergy amongst all of their outbound marketing communications. When performing an audit and analyzing their current (or proposed) marketing strategies, we’ll find discrepancies in their voice, tone, look and overall messaging. Perhaps their site will be designed with a prominent left nav bar and a certain color scheme and their title tags will have the name of the business and a tagline. Their PPC and SEO will be focused on selling a particular brand or category of products, none of which are prominent on their site nor can they be found anywhere in meta data on their site. Their ads will point to a page that is buried within the structure of their site and will be promoting a brand that they don’t have in-stock. Their email strategy, if existent, will perhaps utilize an old template that bears no resemblance to the current look and feel of the site and it may not even tell you much or anything about what the company sells or does.

In the age of digital marketing, ADHD and congested Information Superhighways, it is imperative that your outbound marketing efforts all be in-line with each other: that they all have the same look, feel, tone, messaging, value proposition and general branding. Right now, branding is as important as ever and email plays a strong part in that.

A simple glance at an email from jetBlue and their current homepage yields an obvious relationship between the 2… heck, they have the exact same graphic. What this shows is solidarity and synergy between their outbound communications: a consistant, similar and continued experience when “traveling” from one medium to another. The near seamless integration of graphics and messaging makes you feel not like you are crossing from one communication medium to another, but rather that they are both an extension of a greater brand experience, one with a bit of a warm, happy feel if you ask me. With colors reminiscent of sunsets, blue skies and clear blue water, the themes and tone are clearly carried through all outbound communications. Talking about it kinda makes me want to go on vacation…

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Thank you for listening – have a wonderful Email Thursday!