Email Thursday – Simplicity is Key This Holiday Season

By Optimized Email Marketing Team


During holiday season 2010 retailers increased their mailing frequency by 47% in the months of November and December. This year it’s predicted that the higher volume trend will significantly increase! Let’s be honest with ourselves that’s a lot of e-mail, totally bananas! Sooo how can you as a retailer stand out in an overflowing inbox among your competitors? Simple sells! Simplicity during the holiday season is that secret sauce!

Throughout the holiday season e-mails are 10 times flashier marked in bright red and green colors dressed with tons of deals! Picture this – your inbox is overflowing with these e-mails non stop and then BAM you receive it. That one e-mail that captivates you because it has a prominent graphic that resonates with you and a simple message! The human eye learns to quickly recognize, appreciate and act on the simplicity. As you can see from my girl MiMi here, sometimes less is more!

In this Dec. 25, 2010 email, J. Jill uses a simple illustration style to tell a nice story to support their season’s greetings and thank you. This holiday season you need to pull out all of the stops. You’ve got to get the most bang for your buck. Simplicity is key and a quick win!

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