Email Thursday – Increase Email Subscribers – The Right Way

By Exclusive Concepts


In email marketing there is little more important than having the right list to send to. In order to have a successful email campaign we preach that it is best to send the right person, the right email, at the right time. The first step is to get those right people on your list. Today we will cover some ways to do that organically, even if they aren’t necessarily the easiest way to obtain email addresses.

Have a small barrier to entry
It’s always better to have more information, however, while asking a lot upfront may benefit your segmenting, it may discourage people from signing up. Make sure that you avoid the temptation to ask for too much information and put your subscribers first.

Place your signup form on the right place on your page
Don’t make this an afterthought. Describe the benefit of signing up for your emails (will they get a discount, info, or special offers?) and then make sure it is in a place of importance on your page.

Know your target market
It costs money to send emails, so make sure you are sending only to the best people! Knowing your target marketing and their wants and needs is important because then you will know what to list as the benefits to signing up for your emails. Making sure receiving your emails would appeal to the right people is the first step to obtaining a great list.

Have your Privacy Policy out in the open
If you are collecting personal information it is important to let your subscribers know that you will be sharing any of their information. This will add a higher level of trust and encourage them to sign up.

Have examples of past newsletters on your site
It is always a plus to have proof for your customers on why they should opt-in to your mailing list. If they have visible proof of how great your emails are – they will be more likely to subscribe. If they aren’t in the dark about what they will be receiving it will be of benefit to you.