Email Thursday: How Small e-Commerce Stores Can Differentiate Themselves from Superstores through Email



My name is Elizabeth and I’m an SEO copywriter here at Exclusive Concepts. Today I’ll give you a few tips on how small e-commerce stores can differentiate themselves from superstores through email.

When savvy customers are shopping online for a specific item, they’re often going to choose the company that offers it at a lower price. So, how do smaller e-commerce stores survive in the world of the Amazons, Wal-Marts and Overstocks? One way is through differentiating themselves through email. Through this medium your small company can encourage customers to purchase from you by creating content that shows who’s boss.

  • Relay to customers that you have a better stocked inventory. With a better employee to warehouse ratio, your employees will have a better sense of what products you have and how many you have left so you rarely have to disappoint customers. You shouldn’t put these exact words in an email, but by telling them that you’re a smaller store and keep items in stock, they will hopefully assume this on their own.
  • Show that you have a lot more knowledge about the products you carry. Big box stores aren’t going to know much about their products, and aren’t going to be much help if customers have a specific question. However, if they purchase from an e-commerce store that specializes in what they sell, they will feel more comfortable trusting your emails and expertise that detail product information, email content and reviews you supply.
  • Send out personalized emails and newsletters that give customers additional information on what they purchased. You can also use these emails to push add-ons and accessories. With a foothold on your company’s niche, you’ll hopefully be able to recommend the best brands, upgrades and more before the bigger stores do.
  • Let customers know you have excellent customer service that will not only help you with your order, but can actually answer specific questions about what you are ordering. After all, who knows your products better than you?
  • Start a customer loyalty program. While larger stores can offer low-cost shipping and higher discounts at the time of purchase, customers can accumulate purchase points by ordering from you. They can then trade in these for money off later purchases. And if you add social media into the mix, it gets even more advantageous for them. For example, you can give them points in exchange for a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter.

These are tips that you can apply to all areas of e-commerce with email being just one of the mediums you can use to reach customers. The way you word the content is important too. Since you’re trying to set yourself apart from larger stores with these emails, they need to be more personal and make customers feel more “exclusive,” while painting yourself as the humble expert.

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