Email Thursday – Holiday Email CPR



I am presenting the holiday email CPR – revive lackluster holiday email campaigns to produce results that you desire.

So you put a lot of time and thought into crafting amazing email campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These dates have come and gone… and your sales are withering in the dust.

How can you turn things around before the clock strikes midnight on December 24?

Don’t despair – although Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate the most media attention, it’s important to remember that there is almost a month’s worth of shopping left before Saint Nick slides down your chimney.

But I must also warn that time is short, so it is best to take a serious look at the following ideas and implement the applicable strategies as soon as possible.

The first step is to identify what your competitors are doing through email.

Are they offering the same products as you are, but at lower prices? Or perhaps they are offering enhanced services, such as express overnight shipping or gift wrapping.

Or perhaps their email presentation is more customer-friendly.

The point of doing your homework is not to see what your competitors are doing, and copy it. The point is to see what your competitors are doing and finding a way to position your email communications in a distinctive and relevant manner.

I have identified five critical factors to assess. Be sure to look at your competitors’:

Products – what are they offering?
Pricing – how much are they charging for similar goods or services?
Promotions – are they running coupon codes or compelling product packages?
Email template – Do their email communications appear more polished and professional than yours?
Website – After the customer clicks on the link on their email, what does the web landing page look like? Are things clearly explained? Is there a strong call to action?

If your campaigns are underperforming, there may be inaccuracies in your email equation.

Looking at what your competitors are doing will give you a good idea of the critical factors that lead to successful campaigns in your corner of the marketplace.

It’s always a good idea to see what other people are doing and seeing if there are any learnings that you can adapt to your strategy.

I compiled a list of five factors for your consideration, when it comes to comparing and contrasting your approach to competitors.

In short, the goal of this exercise is to figure out what your competitors are doing, think about what you are doing, consider how you can set yourself apart in way that leads to sales.

In the spirit of motivating you, just do it. After you have taken a closer look at your competitors and your own processes, just do it.

Although you should jump into the revamped strategy, it’s good to take a moment to draft a game plan to guide you though the process.