Email Thursday – Customer Trust Through Email



Here is a short summary of why we think that building trust with customers is not only important, it’s essential to creating longtime customers.

After all of the holiday shopping is done, the post-holiday sales are over and returns and exchanges are made, people are usually attempting to open their credit card statements without having minor heart attacks. Usually, the last thing on a person’s mind after the holidays is more buying. In contrast to the past few years, 2011 was an overall better time for the economy and small businesses, so hopefully your company fared well. For email marketers, it was really a time for establishing a program that experimented with incorporating social media into email campaigns.

I believe that much of the problem (and other smaller businesses probably experience this as well) lies in the fact that once a company acquires Facebook friends and Twitter followers, it fails at using social media to their advantage. If you were offering a deal through Facebook or Twitter, it’s likely you have some new friends and followers, who will hopefully become longtime customers. But it is up to you (or your email marketers) to act on this new and valuable information. One thing that some small businesses fail to do is set up a goal-oriented plan that benefits them in the long run. This includes more than focusing on the bottom line; it should also include relationship-building basics like establishing trust and creating an environment for discussion. For many companies, the beginning of the year is a slow time for sales. This is a great occasion for you to use email and social media together to build your reputation and establish trust among your followers and customers. Whether they’re informational articles, newsletters or a social media site encouraging an open forum for discussion, customers will appreciate the breaking of boundaries between customers and store owners, while consuming valuable information. Here, at Exclusive Concepts, we encourage you to take the time to gain the trust of your customers in 2012. It will benefit you down the road.