Email Thursday – Content for Holiday Emails



My name is Elizabeth and I’m an SEO copywriter here at Exclusive Concepts. I’m here to give you a few pointers on preparing your copy for your upcoming holiday emails.

Last week’s Email Thursday blog spoke to making your emails simpler than the competition’s in order to stand apart from them. I’ll expand on that a bit further by giving you some copywriting tips that will hopefully get readers interested and ready to buy.

  • The subject line of an email line makes the difference between the reader either deleting the email or reading it. Identify yourself and set your store apart from the competition. Whether it’s through a better value proposition, some interesting sale details or a teaser, make sure your subject line is unique.
  • Like the previous Email Thursday post, the “less is more” stance also applies to the actual email content. Instead of having all sorts of crazy graphics and a complicated design surrounding your content, state a clear message that readers can get by quickly scanning the email.
  • Make sure you include value propositions. Even though everyone and their mother offers 20% off and free shipping, these are still excellent ways to entice customers to buy. If you normally give 10 or 15% off, offer a larger discount or switch it up with free shipping and free returns. Other value props that are excellent for holidays include easy assembly (or none at all), easy exchanges and live customer service.
  • Remind readers that your products make excellent gifts and you can order the same thing for more than one person. For example, if you’re ordering Mom and Dad a gift basket, more than likely your boss will love the same thing.
  • What’s even better than ordering a product online and having it shipped to the recipient? Not even having to decide what to send them. And with gift cards, you can do just that.
  • If your e-commerce store is the type that can offer free samples with purchase, do so. Sephora is an excellent example of a store that does this. What’s better than getting something for yourself while holiday shopping for others?
  • Hopefully you’ve got a place where customers can review what they bought from you – whether it’s on your website or Twitter or Facebook page. Including glowing reviews from current customers will help you in your quest to create more loyal followers.

I hope you’re in the process of getting your holiday email campaign together. We understand the amount of time and work it takes into producing a truly great email campaign. Exclusive Concepts offers an exceptional revenue-generating email marketing service that ensures your approach is making the most money possible.