Email Thursday- Christmas is Over…Now What?



Many e-mail marketers focus on the holiday shopping season, and for good reason. For many industries, a significant portion of their revenues come from sales generated from mid-October to the end of December.

But there are nine other great months to engage subscribers, strengthen customer relationships, and accumulate sales.

So how can you make the most out of the entire year? Here are three easy-to-use tips.

One way to keep your emails relevant and timely is to tie your campaign in with holidays throughout the year.

The mention of holidays in your subject line (or offering a coupon code in light of a holiday) will not only produce interest from readers, but it also helps maintain a festive vibe which encourages readers to open and read an email.

Some obvious examples of great holidays for email are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and July 4.

So what‘s a holiday? A holiday is a date that somebody (or group of people) attached a significance to.

What is to prevent you from creating your own holiday, and promote it through email?

Creating your own holiday is especially relevant to lifestyle-driven companies. For example, if you own a bike shop; you can use email to promote a “Welcome Back, Spring Day” to draw customers at the beginning of April. Is this a real holiday? No? But is this relevant to people who ride bikes? Yes!

So the key is to find a thread of significance with your readers through particular times of year.

Relevance – closely tied with brand and product offerings

Leverage Holidays in Email Campaigns

  • Who?
    You and your email subscribers
  • When?
    Any time that makes sense for your marketing strategy

  • Why?
    Continually find relevance with subscribers’ lives and interests