Email Thursday – Best Practices: Images in Emails



As the holidays begin to approach, I’ve started noticing that my email inbox has started filling up faster, and as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas draw nearer, I’m sure that it will increase immensely. Much like everyone else, I have a short attention span especially when it comes to skimming emails. We’re in an age where you have to be – with all of the information being thrown at us constantly. That’s why, especially around this time of year, it’s good to reevaluate how you’re using images in your emails. They can either greatly enhance an email or render it useless. So I’ve included a few tips below for best practices:

  • Balanced text and images not only means good placement, it means a good ratio of text to images. A 70/30 text to image ratio seems to work for most people and has become a best practice across the board.
  • Make sure the image size isn’t too large so it renders correctly, and place larger images below the fold so in case the reader uses the preview pane, they just don’t see blank space.
  • Don’t assume that readers recognize the products featured in your photos. It’s a good idea to have text-based descriptions included.
  • The image alt text has to make sense in case the image doesn’t show up. For example, if there’s an image of a pair of women’s jeans as your main image, the text needs to simply say something like “women’s jeans.”
  • In an age where everything is clickable on the Web, be sure to make all the images clickable links to the respective landing pages.
  • As far as colors and design goes, a striking email will contain some contrasting colors. If your email has dark borders, use pictures that have predominantly lighter colors.
  • Make sure that you have at least one clickable call to action. It’s also a good idea to have a text click-through in case readers have the image option turned off.
  • When you are embedding images into an email, use tables for a more organized aesthetic.
  • Last but not least, send yourself a preview before you send it out!

I hope this post has been helpful! Sending emails out has really become a necessity for e-commerce businesses. However, we understand the amount of time and work it takes into producing a truly great email campaign. Exclusive Concepts offers an exceptional revenue-generating email marketing service that ensures your approach is making the most money possible.