Email Thursday – Adding An Email Signup Form To Your Facebook Page

By Tim


Welcome to Your Daily Concept – Get Smarter Every Day. Today is Email Thursday.

My name is Tim, I’m an Internet Marketing Strategist here at Exclusive Concepts, and today I’ll be talking about adding an email signup form to you Facebook page.

Social Media continues to grow rapidly, and many Ecommerce business owners have begun to incorporate various networks such as Facebook into their marketing strategies.

So if you’ve got a page set up and people are beginning to join and become fans, you might be asking yourself…now what? How do I capitalize on my new following?

One way is to tie this new following in to your other marketing mediums – because despite the increased awareness and exposure you can receive using Facebook, it still remains somewhat difficult to directly monetize that exposure in a significant fashion.

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One of easiest ways to start monetizing this is exposure is to incorporate this audience into another medium that has proven itself time and again with regard to driving revenue and providing a good return on investment. That medium is email marketing.

Your Facebook page is a great vehicle for growing your email list. But how can it be done?

Simple. Add an email (or newsletter) signup form. You can then promote and even incentivize it through your Facebook updates.

Your email signup form can be customized with targeted copy, images and other design elements. You can place this form as an ever present component of your page and you can also add it in to the tabs at the top of the page to improve the likelihood of it being noticed.

So, let’s take a look at how to do it. You may want to reference the text below the video on the Exclusive Concepts blog for a recap.

  1. Login to Facebook and at the top search for “Static FBML” application (see the image in top left)
  2. When you’re on this application page, click the “Add to Page” link right under the picture (reference the image in the bottom left)
  3. Go back to your page and click on “edit page” from your profile.
  4. Find the FBML box and click the pencil icon in the header (see image in top right)
  5. Change the box title to “Newsletter Sign Up” or something similar and paste your email form code in addition to any design / image elements you want to use. You’ll have to get this from code from your site, or you can create new code if you’d like to create a different look. (see image in bottom right)
  6. Click the + icon in the top tabbed navigation of your page and select this new form from the list.
  7. Go back to the boxed tab and click the edit pencil – then click the “Move to My Wall” tab. Now the form will be on your wall where your fans can easily see it.

That’s it for Email Thursday, I hope you found the video helpful and I hope you have a great day.