Effective Methods for Dealing With Content Scrapers – SEO Monday

By Joe


First and foremost, as you all are aware that since the Panda update, duplicate content can hurt your search engine rankings more than ever.

And nothing is more frustrating to a webmaster then putting time and effort into crafting some killer copy only to watch it become fodder for low quality scraper sites that at the end of the day hinder your ability to rank well in the search engines.

So…I thought now would be a great time to share my methodologies for dealing with content pirates.

In the past few weeks, I have been working diligently with several of my clients to adapt to the latest changes in the search engines.

In doing so, I have found that there are a couple effective methods for dealing with content pirates that you may not have considered before.

One Being the DMCA or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. As touched upon by Lauren an internet marketing strategist at Exclusive Concepts. The DMCA is a copyright law effective as of 1998 that heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the internet. Google has a specific contact form that you can fill out and have the infringing parties page removed from the index.

Here is a link to googles DMCA complaint form. From my experience, this is the easier method to deal with the infringing party, however please note that it is not the quickest method as It had taken about 2 weeks for google to remove the page from my request.

Another method that I found to be effective was to go straight to the host of the website. Now this may not be an effective method when dealing with foreign hosting companies, but in my most recent case I found the culprit to be hosted by one of the major ones…Go Daddy who seems to take these issues quite seriously.

So after compiling the necessary documents to comply with the DMCA as outlined in my link here and sending along to the appropriate department of godaddy, also labeled above, I was able to successfully remove the pirates pages from google.

One more for the good guys……