EBay starts Pay-Per-Click Service with Traffic Generation


Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that eBay now offers an online marketing service – after all, the industry just keeps growing.

This new service is an option within EBay’s ProStores which was launched yesterday. ProStores allows retailers to create customized store fronts with their own brand, categories, and a unique web address, with the benefit of eBay’s shopping cart, secure checkout, and online payment service (PayPal).

Traffic Generation is the optional online marketing portion of ProStores. This new service does what most pay-per-click services do: assign a personal marketing consultant, write text ads, manage pay-per-click campaigns, and track performance. EBay even takes it one step further and offers a guarantee – or the next month of service is free – of either a certain number of impressions or new visitors.

But the Traffic Generation service has its drawbacks: not only does it include no customer input on the keywords chosen and ads written for their pay-per-click campaign, but it can be expensive. Customers can pay $100 or more each month for a minimum number of impressions – and no new visitors. Or they can receive the minimum number of new visiters for $2 per click, even if the keywords only cost 10 cents per click.

On the surface, the Traffic Generation Service looks great – guaranteed new visitors will always entice retailers. But ProStores is geared towards small businesses who have little experience with online marketing and therefore won’t know which details to look at. EBay store owners would be better off with a more personalized pay-per-click service that values their input and spends money appropriately