Dynamic URLS VS. Static URLS – SEO Monday

By Joe


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Exclusive Concepts works with many ecommerce sites, we are quite aware that database driven websites or sites with dynamically created pages are usually easier to manage over static websites. This is because static websites need to be hard coded when changes need to be made where as a dynamic site can make a site wide change at the drop of a hat.

However, where the true pitfalls occur are at the SEO level. In the past, SEO’s classified dynamic URLS as the bane of our existence as we took the stance that Dynamic urls could not be indexed.

While this is not totally true, what is true is that dynamic URLS are:

  • Ugly which result in a lower click through rate
  • They typically do not contain keywords in the url which may play into certain parts of the algorithm
  • They take longer to index by the search spiders.
  • Not memorable

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So with all these factors working against dynamic websites, you can see how it becomes a challenge from the SEO/marketing perspective. So if you do own a website or work for a website that is dynamic there is really only one option which is to rewrite your URLs to a static location. However, please note that this is not a task that should be done by a summer intern or someone with relatively little experience. Dynamic URL strings although look meaningless to us humans actually contain information helpful to a search engine spider and need to be taken into account when redirecting pages.
If you have a dynamic website and are having problems with your rankings in the search engines, Please contact an expert an exclusive concepts today in order to increase your likelyhood of getting found in google.

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