Don’t Let your Yahoo Store Hit a Wall

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

The boots just hit the dirt and you have a brand new Yahoo Store. You have your products ready to go and your site looks beautiful. Weeks and months go by and you are devastated that your great idea has not become the next or What seems to be the problem?

Think of your Yahoo Store as a construction site. You can’t build a house from the roof down. It needs to be carefully and meticulously thought out. Who do I want to come to my store? How are they searching and who are my competitors? A foundation should be set with Search Engine Optimization. Let us do the research and see where you can compete. SEO is where you lay the foundation for all future marketing initiatives.

“Allin, is that all I need to do to be competitive? There must be something after the Foundation SEO project”

My answer is of course. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing project. However, there isn’t a cookie cutter solution for your Yahoo! Store. Your business goals and the competitiveness of your market space determine your next steps. Content is king so you should always be adding unique content to your site. If you are in a competitive market link building is a necessity. Just as in the brick and mortar world reputation and authority matter. Building one way links into your site builds your authority and relevancy online. At the end of the day link building can be the solution that helps you out rank your competition.

Follow these first steps and you will watch your authority rise, traffic increase and sales grow. Keep in mind that online marketing is an evolution and continuous maintenance is the key to your success. Don’t let your Yahoo Store hit a wall; talk to one of our strategist who will outline a game plan for you.