Don’t Forget to Say Thank-You!

By Dan G

My wife and I recently bought a couch from a local furniture store. The salesman who got the sale, Steve, was the first to introduce himself to us. Occasionally he would pop in with a quick question about our status or a quick statement about what we were looking at while we were walking the store. When we finally gave Steve the sale he did a victory pump as we were leaving. That’s right, a victory pump! Two days later we received a hand written thank-you card from him thanking us for the sale. It was corny of course, but I couldn’t imagine a better sales process than the one we had just been through. The thank-you card was the icing on the cake. In the future when we need more furniture, he’ll be the first person we go to.

This got me thinking, in this day and age of online sales and ever increasing impersonalization of the sales process, why don’t more companies and sales people send thank-you notes anymore? This simple gesture results in customer loyalty and easy “word-of-mouth” marketing. The increase in new and returning customers from this alone could be enormous!

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