Don’t Forget to Give Thanks! – Conversion Wednesday

By Dan G


Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving I thought it only necessary to re-mention the importance of giving thanks to your customers.

My wife and I bought a couch from a local furniture store a while back. The salesman who got the sale, Steve, was the first to introduce himself to us after we walked into the store. We were quick to mention that we were “just looking”, so as we walked around the store, Steve would occasionally pop in with a quick question about our status or a quick statement about what we were looking at. When we finally gave Steve the sale he did a victory pump as we were leaving. That’s right, a victory pump, even before we leaved the store! (which was a little weird)

Two days later we received a hand written thank-you card from him thanking us for the sale. It was corny of course, but I couldn’t imagine a better sales process than the one we had just been through. He was attentive to us in the store and then the thank-you card was just the icing on the cake. In the future when we need more furniture, he’ll be the first person to get our business.

This got me thinking, in this day and age of online sales and ever-increasing impersonalization of the sales process, why don’t more companies and sales people send thank-you notes anymore? This simple gesture results in customer loyalty and easily translates into “word-of-mouth” marketing. The increase in new and returning customers from this alone could be enormous if people just said thank-you!

Its way too easy these days to forget the simple act of saying “thank you“. That’s exactly why you will stand out among all of your competitors if you do, mainly because it’s not something that other business owners are in the habit of doing. Saying “thank you” now-a-days could actually give you an edge in the marketplace today!

This can go a long way toward cementing relationships with prospects and reinforcing customer loyalty. Once you get started thanking people, you will feel good and your recipients will feel good. It’s a win-win situation! Most people are tickled pink to receive a good, old-fashioned card, just like my wife and I, when we received that card from Steve.

People like to feel appreciated and recognized. You’ll find that in thanking people, you will strengthen the customer’s loyalty to your site. Which, in turn, will bolster word-of-mouth referrals to your site. When someone has been appreciated and they hear of someone who needs your products/services, guess whose company they will recommend?

The simple act of saying “thank-you” is a powerful, yet simple marketing tactic. All you have to do is say “Thank You”!

So have you been GIVING THANKS to your customers? If you haven’t, here are some ways that you can do just that:

    1. Say Thank-You on the Order-Confirmation Page – If you don’t already say thank-you on your order-confirmation page, start doing this right away. Show your customers that you’re appreciative of their business with you.


    1. Hand-written Thank-You Card – In addition to the confirmation page, if your business is small enough, consider sending hand-written cards to your customers after they make a purchase. Or at least consider doing this for very large orders or specials orders to acknowledge those super-shoppers on your site.


    1. Thank-you Email or Mailing – If your business is too big for hand-written notes, consider sending “thank-you” emails or typed mailing instead. This way they receive the thank-you within days of making their purchased and are reminded of your company outside of the internet bubble.


    1. Say Thank-you in each of your Product’s Shipping Boxes – If you can, try taking the above suggestion one step further, by including that thank-you card or letter in the customer’s product’s shipping box. That way, when they receive the product they are reminded of where the got it from and feel more appreciative of you company.


    1. Thank-you Discounts – If you can, try offering discounts to your return customers in your thank-you e-mails or letters. This practice will give your return customers incentive to come back to you with their business right away, or refer someone else they know to your site with that discount.


If you’ve found a couple suggestions today that you realize your site could use, and you don’t have the time or effort to put into changing your order-confirmation page or coming up with an email mailing to say thank-you after an order-confirmation. Consider letting us help you with these changes! We can comb your site and pick out all of the major outlying issues. Repair them with specific tests for your site and procure and analyze the change’s overall effect, and then present you with the winning changes. It’s that easy!