Do you oppose the Internet Sales Tax?

By Scott

Earlier this month the Senate passed the “Marketplace Fairness Act,” formerly known as the “Mainstreet Fairness Act.”  The law, as written, would require online retailers with annual revenue above $1 million to collect and remit sales tax to hundreds of tax districts throughout the United States.

McKane Davis, President of, believes the law will have a devastating impact on his small business. He stated, “We don’t have an army of tax lawyers, accountants and programmers to comply with the law like Walmart does.”

Proponents of the bill that passed the Senate, and that now resides in the House Judiciary Committee, claim it offers “free software” to help automate sales tax collection. The problem, however, is that the bill does not account for the many other very significant costs of compliance.

Amazon has invested millions to support this bill, but presumably not because they wish to support the interests of small brick and mortar retailers. Perhaps it’s because they seek to disadvantage their smaller competitors online by strapping them with a potentially overwhelming administrative burden.

Here’s the good news – you can stop this bill from becoming law

If you live in any of the following districts please contact Internet Retailers for Fairness here, or email, and we will put you in touch with Drex Davis who is organizing responses from business owners in these districts. The following districts represent Judiciary Committee Members who are currently reviewing the bill in the House.

Alabama 6th
Arizona 8th
California 19th
California 27th
California 37th
California 49th
Florida 21st
Florida 26th
Florida 6th
Georgia 4th
Georgia 9th
Idaho 1st
Illinois 4th
Iowa 4th
Louisiana 2nd
Michigan 13th
Nevada 2nd
New York 10th
New York 8th
North Carolina 12th
North Carolina 13th
North Carolina 6th
Ohio 1st
Ohio 4th
Pennsylvania 10th
South Carolina 4th
Tennessee 9th
Texas 18th
Texas 1st
Texas 21st
Texas 27th
Texas 2nd
Texas 30th
Utah 3rd
Virginia 3rd
Virginia 4th
Virginia 6th
Washington 1st
Wisconsin 5th
Puerto Rico At-Large

This tool makes it easy to see which district you are in.

Photo by Tax Credits