Do Blogs Increase Sales?

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Okay, you’ve heard how great blogs are, but show me the money. Do blogs increase sales?

Companies are figuring out just how to do that. A recent study by comScore Networks found that shoppers who visit blogs spend 6% more than the average customer.

Take a look at Since it added blogs to its site last May, 5% of its overall traffic comes from its blogs, its ranking has climbed without paying for placement, but best of all, its conversion rate has doubled from 2 to 4% whenever a user visits its blogs.

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The site has maintained a $75 average order even with the increase in traffic while using blogs to offer hobby news, radio-controlled toys, plastic models, kites and science kits. The company also uses photos of its everyday business processes and pictures and video from consumer hobby shows to pique viewer interest. Taking customers behind the scenes via the Internet builds loyalty, Greenberg said.