Dell Felled

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

10 Things to Do/Places to Visit while waiting for Dell Technical Support is hilarious.

6.? Stop complaining about never having enough time to get that holiday shopping done; now’s your chance! Still have time left over? Finish those holiday cards!

From BusinessWeek, Dell in the Bloghouse.

Customer and media relations are merging says Steve Baker at BW’s Blogspotting.

Can Dell recover from the blog onslaught?? According to IceRocket, some 392 blog posts mention Jeff Jarvis and Dell.

Dell changes its policy on blogs.? Dell learns a lesson.

They’ve also contacted Jeff Jarvis who’ll let us know what happens after he talks to them.? Meanwhile, Jarvis is Blogger of the Week over at Blogpulse Newswire, interviewed by Sue MacDonald.

Is the middle ground the new extreme?

I think what’s needed is a function within organizations that includes a blend of PR, customer service and legal to evaluate all public complaints and determine appropriate responses.? And as blogs, vlogs, websites, podcasts and all forms of consumer-generated content proliferate, this need will grow even more acute.??Corporate responses need to be defendable, scalable and appropriate.