Debate Settled – Online Marketing

By Herb

We had a (very) short but interesting debate here yesterday: Is it better to have a few long posts per month on your blog or is it better to have frequent (daily+) posts going up?

Seems that the answer is obvious if you track how people are reading your blog. If they’re using their browser to read your site, then the time that they take to seek you out with a bookmark click or with typing out your address should not dissapoint them. Giving them often-updated content will keep your reader’s satisfied more easily than long posts every two weeks or week. Your goal is to be an essential part of their daily/weekly browsing experience.

Alternatively, should you find that your readers read your content with RSS , then you don’t want to clutter their minds; you only want to deliver content that you are sure will be better than any other alternative that they have to click on during their browsing. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is so simple that it took a 14 yr. old genius to invent it.