Cyber Monday Unseats Black Friday As Biggest Shopping Day


By all accounts, Cyber Monday was a blowout. AOR (average order value) was 2.15% higher than on Black Friday. Items per order were 50% greater and conversion rates were 27.29% higher. Overall online sales were up from 2011 by 30.3% so we have alot to be joyful about. Mobile had, by far, the biggest impact on sales this year. Not that it represented a majority of sales, but it had it’s strongest showing yet with 18% of web traffic coming from mobile devices (mostly iPhones and iPads), and 13% of sales coming straight from mobile. The biggest surprise was that social networks seemed to be in a tryptophan stupor this year with a 26% drop in effectiveness in driving sales.

Here are some other fun statistics about Cyber Monday 2011 compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011. Feel free to share, click to enlarge.


IBM 2012 Cyber Monday Report

comScore 2012 Cyber Monday Report

Adobe 2012 Cyber Monday Report

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