Crafting an Email Newsletter – Email Thursday



I have a lot of writing to do these days so this blog post is going to be short, sweet and to the point – much like an e-newsletter should be. Today I’m going to give you a few pointers on crafting an effective email newsletter that will drive some traffic to your site and hopefully create conversions. The great thing about an e-newsletter is that it positions you and your company as experts on the products or services you sell, and also cultivates the relationship between you and your audience.

First off, the subject line obviously needs to be interesting. No one’s going to open an email that says “Company Newsletter Issue 45 Volume 26.” Use one of your newsletter tidbits to come up with a subject line. For example, if you’re writing about 10 ways to decorate your sea monkey aquarium, use a more engaging variation of that.

Whatever tone you decide for your newsletter, make sure it’s consistent throughout. Since newsletters tend to be more informal and your customers are going to read them for learning purposes, a casual tone usually works better. How casual? That’s for you to decide.

Format and a simple, clean design really make a difference. No one wants to read paragraph after paragraph of text. Breaking content up into sections makes the email scannable and easier to read.

A newsletter should obviously contain good, informative content. It shouldn’t include a ton of company news or act as a direct advertisement for your business. Items like tips, advice and how-to articles provide an indirect way to promote what you’re selling. Including fun facts, cartoons and random pieces of information, along with the serious stuff, will keep the reader around a lot longer than if faced with a text-heavy email.

Including an interactive feature like a quick survey or a simple one-answer question will make readers feel important, and also give you good feedback on the types of readers you have.

Lastly, A footer with contact information, social media accounts, an unsubscribe link and copyright details should be placed at the bottom.