Copy Your Adwords Campaigns in AdCenter – PPC Tuesday



Today, I’m going to give you easy step by step instructions for copying your AdWords campaigns over to AdCenter. With Bing and Yahoo continuing to battle with Google for Search Engine market share, it makes sense for many advertisers to put part of their advertising budget into AdCenter. Often times, an advertiser will create campaigns in Google first. Once you’ve optimized your campaigns in AdWords, and you have a good idea of what campaigns and ad groups perform well, it may be time to explore the growth opportunities that advertising in Yahoo and Bing can bring. Today, I’ll show you how to set up your campaigns quickly and easily.

The first step to recreating your Google Adwords campaigns in Microsoft AdCenter is to get your campaign data. The easiest way to do this is to first download the AdWords Editor tool. You can find this handy desktop tool at AdWords Editor allows you to work on your campaigns offline and make changes in bulk that you can then post to your AdWords account. Every AdWords advertiser should download this free tool. It saves time, and makes working on your AdWords campaigns much easier.

Once you have downloaded AdWords Editor, open your account in Editor. You will have to download your account from AdWords on the Web into the tool. Choose to download all campaigns.

When your account is open in the AdWords Editor tool, Select “File” then “Export Spreadsheet,” as shown in the example above. At this point, I generally choose “Export Selected Campaigns and Ad Groups” and just choose my top performing campaigns and ad groups to test in Ad Center, but if you would like to transfer all your campaigns, you can select “Export Whole Account.”

Once you have chosen what you would like to export, save the file as a .csv to your local machine.

Once you have downloaded your selected campaigns to a csv file, login to your AdCenter Account. If you have not yet created an AdCenter account you can go to

Once you’ve logged into your account, go to the “Tools” Tab, and select “Import Campaigns” from the “Management Tools” Section. From this screen, in the “Import File” section, you can select the “Browse” button, and then select the file that you have just saved from the AdWords Editor. Once you have selected the file, select “Continue.”

There are several areas of compatibility checking that you will be required to run through in order to complete your file upload, because AdCenter has some slightly different parameters for keywords and ads. As you continue through the process, you will be shown if there are any compatibility issues and given the opportunity to correct them. Your ads may require editing as AdCenter allows 1 fewer character per ad than Adwords. Also, some of your keywords may be considered duplicates because match types are slightly different in AdCenter than in Adwords. Resolve the issues, and select continue. Once all of your Ads and Keywords are ready to import, select continue, and your import will be complete.

One final note- make sure that once you’ve completed your import that you double check your budget in AdCenter. AdCenter defaults to a monthly budget amount, while Adwords asks you to set a daily budget. When you complete your import, AdCenter will automatically multiply your AdWords daily budget by 30 and set your budget amount for the month. For example, a campaign that is budgeted to spend $50 a day in AdWords would default to a $1500 monthly budget in AdCenter. I generally start new AdCenter campaigns at about a third of the monthly budget allowed in AdWords, so I would set the above campaign with a budget of $450 a month. You can always add more budget later if performance warrants it.

Once you’ve updated the budget setting, you’re done! Your campaign is now live in AdCenter and your ads will display in Yahoo and Bing.