Conversion Wednesday – What Did We Learn?

By Chris C.


Today, I’m going to ask you: What did we learn?

What did we learn? Did this test make us more money? What happened when the user did click the thing we wanted them to click? Did they convert any more than they were? What does that mean about what the customers are looking for on our site?
There are thousands of questions you have about your website. This is why you test. However, when we design tests, we are designing tests to answer one main question: your hypothesis. Your hypothesis guarantees you learn something.

But, your hypothesis can be answered in one of three ways:

  • We were right!
  • We were wrong!
  • I really don’t know I we were right or wrong…

All of these are followed by the question: why? (particularly the third one)

So, to help answer “why,” we need to do some additional learning. So, make sure you have the right ways of tracking behavior set up when the test is launched so you can answer “why” when the test is completed.

Good metrics that help you understand “why” for most tests are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Add to Cart click %
  • Time Spent per Visit
  • Pages Viewed per Visit
  • Internal search use %
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Revenue

These metrics are a good starting point for understanding “why” and giving you a better understanding of what happened during your tests.

So, after each test, ask yourself: what did we learn? Understanding more about your site with each test helps you find other areas of improvement as you continue to optimize your site.