Conversion Wednesday – View Product Pages as Cooking Recipes

By Chris C.


View your product pages as cooking recipes for buying your products.

This is a very simple, yet effective analogy. Things they share:

  • An image to visually show you what your end result is
  • Details of what is needed in order to obtain your end result
  • Any other items that might be required to have the whole recipe/product come together (such as batteries that might not be included)

So, let’s compare.

If you are thumbing through a few different recipe books (or clicking around online for a holiday recipe to follow), these are items that might guide you towards which recipe to follow:

Question: Does the meal look appetizing?

Takeaway: Make sure your product image is a flattering example of what you are selling.

Question: What do I need to cook this meal?

Takeaway: Make sure the most important details of your products are easily scanned in a bulleted list.

Question: Are there alternative recipes? What if I want to make stuffing, but I don’t like this take on the recipe, do you have others?

Takeaway: Make sure your customers can find alternatives to the product they are looking at (if they exist). Customers are driven by different personalities (methodical, competitive). Help them decide by showing the great alternatives you have.

Question: Does this actually taste good? How do I know it’s worth my time and effort to create this dish?

Takeaway: Make sure your customer reviews are seen by your shoppers. Positive reviews can be a great way to reassure customers that this product is indeed what they are looking for and that it’s worth the effort to make the purchase.

Question: When looking at recipes online, if I am a novice at cooking, would I be more confident in my end result if I was able to watch a video of someone cooking the dish, step-by-step?

Takeaway: Videos that demonstrate how the product works (particularly for complex products that have a learning curve) helps your customers feel more empowered.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to improve your product pages, try and think of them as individual cooking recipes. What would your customer need to know to buy your product?

I only covered a few example in this analogy, but I’m sure there are many other ways you could liken a product page to a cooking recipe. If you have any other ideas, send me an email and we’ll add it as a follow up.