Conversion Wednesday – Video Tips to Increase Conversions

By Dan G


So what can you do to your Embedded Videos to Increase Your Conversion Rate? Here are some tips:

  1. Keep it Short – Keep your videos short and sweet to avoid overwhelming your shoppers.
  2. Keep it Playing – Videos should play on demand. Make sure the video is only 1 click away from starting.
  3. Keep the Text – Don’t replace your textual content with videos.
  4. Keep it Positive – Keep your videos in a positive light, don’t let them be boring, or sadly made.
  5. Keep it Honest – Keep you video content informative and honest, don’t exaggerate or tell falsehoods about your product.

We’ll go into more detail and provide a more expanded look at each of these reasons in the coming slides.

Our first tip is to “Keep It Short”. The “average” attention span on youtube for their videos is about a minute; then their viewership drops off dramatically. So why would you keep any videos on your website any longer than that and risk increasing your bounce rate? The solution is clear: try to keep most, if not all videos on your site running for a minute or less. Unless your products are high-end or your shopper-base is very technical, you should be able to say all that is necessary within that 1 minute time block to keep the shopper motivated and return them to their shopping experience. If you find yourself needing to go over that minute mark, consider breaking the video up into smaller 1-minute clips. This way, ample chances are given to the shopper to decide whether or not to continue the video or return to their shopping experience.

Our 2nd tip is to “Keep It Playing”. By this, we mean: “don’t give shoppers a multi-step process just to view your videos”. Navigating the shoppers to another page, making them download the video to view it, or making the shopper click more than once to view a video are all “No-No’s”. Make it simple for the shopper to press 1 PLAY Button by embedding the video and allowing them to stream it from your site or from a third-party site like You can upload videos to youtube and embed them on your site free-of-charge.

We’ll continue with our next Tip on the next slide.

Our 3rd tip is to, “Keep the Text”. Don’t EVER replace textual content with a video! Along with the SEO consequences for removing text from your site, while many people might prefer to watch videos rather than reading product descriptions, there are several online shoppers who would rather read about a product, or might simply not be in the right place or circumstance to listen to your video, not to mention the number of people who might have the right video codec or any assortment of other incompatibilities with the video, that have no alternative to reading the product description. It is good practice to always accompany every video on your site with a complete description and images.

We’ll continue with our last 2 tips on the next slide.

Our 4th video tip today is to keep your video positive. Online videos should be filmed in a Positive Light. If the video is too boring or too bland, people will think twice about purchasing from your site. You need to keep your videos somewhat exciting without overstating what your products can do or how it will look once they receive it. If you are too creative or over-promise, buyers may be disappointed with the product and your site once they receive it. So find a safe balance.

This ties into our 5th video tip today, “Keep It Honest”. Again the fastest way to lose Return Shopper’s is to betray their trust by over-promising or just flat-out lying to them to make a sale. If you want to build a loyal customer base, Honesty is the Best Policy.