Conversion Wednesday – They're After Me Lucky Charms!

By Dan G


Top of the Morning To Ya! With St. Paddy’s day on the way I thought it would be great to have a lil’ fun. As the title suggests, “They’re After Me Lucky Charms!”, Me seven lucky charms that I use to optimize me product pages. Now, being a leprechaun and all I don’t normally share me lucky charms, but you look like a nice lad or lassie. Here are me 7 Lucky Charms:

  1. Reviews & Ratings

  3. Having a Bright Call to Action

  5. Simplicity

  7. Share Buttons

  9. Having a Zoom Feature

  11. Image Optimization

  13. Live Chat

And there ya have it! That be me 7 lucky charms. We’ll go over each one more in depth in the next slides.

So lets look over me first 3 charms:

Reviews & Ratings: Having reviews and ratings on your product pages can add a new dimension to your products. Now instead of just being a picture with a description, shoppers see the stories behind the product, how folks have used it and why they love the product. Shoppers care what others have to say and it helps them make their final decision to purchase the product.

Even by having both positive and negative reviews, can make the shopping experience that much more authentic and real for the shopper. And even if your site provider doesn’t provide a review platform, you can find a great review platform online to use!

Next we have, a

Bright Call to Action: Just like the rainbow, folks want to be charmed into finding their way with bright colors. If your call to actions aren’t bright or don’t stand out you could be losing a lot of business simply because some people might not be able to find their way around your site!

And me 3rd charm is

Simplicity: Just like the cliffs in Dublin, there’s nothing more beautiful than nature itself. Let your product pages seem natural with a natural flow to them and keep your text and imagery limited. You don’t want to overload the page with clutter like London Town!

Now we move onto me Dublin Charms. Just like the folks of Dublin, some of your shoppers will be all about the chatter! They’ll want to share what they find with others through share buttons and try to get others on Facebook and Twitter to come find their treasures.

On top of that, Social buttons make a great marketing tool for your product pages. I would recommend using separate social buttons such as the Facebook Like or Share button, the Tweet button, or even Google +1 button instead of using an aggregate one. Individual social buttons are easier for shoppers to use and more intuitive.

And for all the chatters out their Live Chat brings those folks home. Make sure this feature is site wide, especially on every product page. Having Live Chat, can help close the sale by letting your shoppers chat with a real representative. If you don’t have Live Chat for your site yet, just look around, there are many live help platforms in the marketplace to choose from.

And Last, but certainly not least, is me pot o’ Gold, “Image Optimization”.

If your product images are low quality or grainy folks aren’t gonna give your store two shakes of a lambs tail!

Having a good visual representation of your products puts your best foot forward. By investing in quality images of your own products you can make a great distinction between yourself and your competitors, and beyond that if you also use compression on your images you can decrease the load-time of your pages!

One last charm I always use with me images is the Magic Zoom tool. It’s the icing on the cake to any product page! It makes viewing your product images up close and personal intuitive and easy to use because all the shopper has to do is hover over your main product image and like magic, a window pops up of a zoomed-in version of that image.

So there ya have it! That’s me seven Lucky Charms they’re always after. Now don’t tell me that you’re after them now!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Exclusive Concepts!!