Conversion Wednesday – The Social Buying Experience



Facebook and Blogs are great, but do they influence your shoppers?

No! Analytics shows us it is very rare for shoppers to visit your Facebook or blog in the middle of their shopping experience and return to make a purchase.

Your Facebook fan page and blog become islands completely underutilized and not generating direct sales for your company.

So how do you turn your blog or Facebook fan page into your best sales person?

Simple, you invite them into shopping experience.

Shoppers are much more likely to trust other customer experiences with a product than the rosey picture you paint with your staged photography.

  1. First create a section on your site where customers can upload photos or comments of their recently purchased products.
  2. Create an incentive for your customers to share their experiences and build a sense of community of your site.
  3. Create an email campaign to your customers with a message of winning free products or getting a discount on their next purchase.
  4. Share your good customer photos and comments right on the product page where shoppers decide to buy your products.
  5. Measure the results and track your shoppers’ interaction with the community photos and comments. Most of all have fun with your community and engage them to participate in your brand.

That’s one straight forward way to turn your community into your best sales people by bringing them right into the buying experience.

Building a community takes time, so be patient. Once you do build trust with your shoppers make sure you take full advantage of the content they share. Whether that’s testimonials, funny comments, or great customer photos.