Conversion Wednesday – The Golden No Nos

By Dan G


Welcome to Your Daily Concept, Get Smarter Everyday.

Welcome to another installment of our Conversion Wednesday Series.

Our topic today is “The Golden NO NOs”

I’ll be your host today, my name is Dan G.

So last week we discussed “What You Should Do” in anticipation of the Golden Quarter. This week, lets talk about “What You Should Not Do”.

  1. Show Your Holiday Cheer
    Don’t be a Grinch! Be prepared to greet your customers with holiday cheer. Whether you provide live chat, phone support, or do most of your follow-up via email, do your best to convey holiday cheer and provide great customer service. The holiday shopping experience extends beyond your website itself, don’t forget that.
  2. Honesty is The Best Shipping Policy
    Shipping speed and reliability is a critical decision point for holiday shoppers, especially for those last-minute ones. So don’t leave your shipping information conveniently left-out or inaccessible. Make sure you have messaging, links, & graphics visible throughout the site. And like we mentioned last week, make sure you mention your shipping-cut-off dates before the big days. You might also want to indicate any products that require special shipping considerations. Bottom Line, just be honest about your shipping policy.
  3. Don’t be Humbug, Deck The Halls!
    Faling to dress up your site just says “Bah Humbug”. And slapping a holiday graphic on your home page is simply not enough. Shoppers can enter your site on any page! Make sure each page on your site includes holiday messaging and ornamentation.

Research Your analytics to help make your strategic decisions on each of these fronts

Now that you know how to not be a Grinch, lets work on Uncle Scrooge. What other things should you not do, in anticipation of the holidays?:

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  1. Don’t be too conservative with your Holiday Promotions
  2. Quite simply, don’t be a Scrooge! Assuming you have laid the groundwork and “decked the halls” on your site to the nines, the pre-holiday period is a good time to flex your muscles with paid advertising and promotions. If you can compete on price with your products, maybe consider comparison shopping engines. If you have no experience with paid advertising, don’t be foolish with your spending, but learn some of the basics and don’t be afraid to give it a try.

  3. Don’t Neglect Your Mobile Customers
  4. Mobile devices will be more popular than ever this holiday season, especially with the addition of Apple’s Ipad. If you think you can ignore the mobile experience for your shoppers, think again. At the very least, see how your site looks on a range of mobile devices. It might be a little late to invest in mobile development this year, but do the best you can to have a reasonable presentation on these mobile devices.

  5. Don’t Ignore Your Established Customer
  6. You have a database of past customers, don’t you? These patrons are a key to your success this year. Honor them; don’t ignore them. A creative, sequential email marketing campaign is an important tactic for keeping your customer base thinking about you. What can you promote to get them back in your store? Discounts? Free Gifts? When the shopping mood hits them, you want them to be thinking about your store and your products.

  7. Don’t Forget Your Last Minute Shoppers
  8. Your messaging and notifications on your site should change as you get closer to key holiday dates. Many shoppers wait until the very end to buy gifts. If you feel confident about fulfilling orders, greet these customers warmly and openly. Make it clear that you are actively involved with your site and ready to respond quickly to orders and ship products.

  9. Don’t Start Too Late, or you’ll be working on Xmas Eve!
  10. Quite simply, if you are not already thinking about the holiday shopping season (in August), you are setting yourself up for failure. For many ecommerce sites, holiday sales–in mid-November through December–can account for 30 percent or more of annual sales. Now is the time to make sure you have a plan in place for a successful holiday season and if you don’t have the cycles to spend on this in-house you may want to look into another company who can do it for you… Holiday Conversions take careful planning. If you have not set up a schedule of marketing emails, site promotions, and ad campaigns, you will have a hard time keeping your communications flowing once the holiday season hits. Create a calendar and do as much holiday preparation as possible.

On top of all of these, just try and make your site as seasonally inviting and simple as possible. The simpler you can make your site and the more inviting you can be, the better your site will convert.

So are you safe from the Golden Quarter No Nos? Do you need to make any changes to your holiday planning? Lets Recap:

  1. Show your Holiday Cheer.– Don’t be a Grinch, the holiday shopping experience extends beyond your website itself, don’t forget that
  2. Honesty is the Best Shipping Policy. – Don’t leave shipping information conveniently left out or inaccessible. Be honest and open about your Shipping Policy!
  3. Don’t be a Humbug, Deck the Halls! – Slapping 1 or 2 holiday graphics on your homepage is not a holiday strategy. Make sure each page on your site includes holiday messaging and ornamentation.
  4. Don’t be Too Conservative with Holiday Promotions – Don’t be a Scrooge! If you build it, they will come. Don’t pinch pennies with your Holiday Strategy.
  5. Don’t neglect your Mobile Customers – Mobile Devices are more prevalent than ever. Don’t forget to invest in a little mobile development this year.
  6. Don’t ignore your Established Customers – What can you promote to get return customers back in your store? Discounts? Free Gifts? Make sure your holiday promotions are out there so that these customers remember your store when they start thinking about holiday gifts.
  7. Don’t forget your Last Minute Shoppers – Think about ways you can cater to them (like shipping-cut-off dates) and make it clear that you are ready to respond quickly to orders.
  8. Don’t Start Too Late, or you’ll be working X-mas Eve! – Don’t wait till its too late! Create a calendar and do as much early preparation of your holiday plans as possible.

And if you don’t have the time or effort to put into a full-blown Holiday Strategy Campaign, let us do it for you! We can test all of these ideas without making all of those pesky changes on your live site. We can design & test these holiday messaging strategies for you, procure and analyze their overall effect, and then present you with the winning holiday strategies for your site.

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