Conversion Wednesday – The Difference between Bounce & Exit



Are you confused about bounce rate and/or exit rate?

Google defines a bounce rate as, “the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.” In other words, If 100 people entered your home page and 50 did not take another action by clicking to another page on the site and those 50 people only stay on the home page and then depart the site, the home page would have a bounce rate of 50%.

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What can you take away from the bounce rate metric?

  • Bounce rate at the page level is very useful
  • Measures visit quality and met expectations of the users
  • A landing page that satisfies the users needs will have a low bounce rate (below 50%)
  • If above 50% bounce rate, it’s time to test:
    • Headlines – Include optimized or paid keyword in the headline, make it easy to read, and add some value pieces to the message
    • Buttons – Color, size and verbiage
    • Value Propositions – Why should the user stay on your site, shop with you, download, sign up or click to another page?

An exit rate is “the percentage of site exits that occurred from a page or set of pages.”

The visitor who exits might have visited other pages on your site, but just exited on that specific page. This is different from a bounce because when a user bounces it means that no other pages were clicked on and no actions were taken. An example of an exit would be if I entered your home page, clicked on a category page, then clicked to the About Us page and then left the website.
The exit page would be the About Us page.

  • What to take away from exit rate?
  • 0-20% Exit Rate is ideal
  • Use this metric to find patterns with specific pages high in exits
  • If the page with a high exit rate is a stepping stone to a more important page or pages, then something has gone wrong
  • If the exit rate is high, look at call to action, technical issues and the content

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