Conversion Wednesday – Target Your Tests

By Chris C.


What do I mean by targeting a test? Once you’ve identified your testing objective, the first question you have will be: how do we know what will help our objective?

Targeting at test is identifying which areas will help the most towards achieving your objective.

The easiest way to explain this is with an example…

Let’s say you are working on optimizing a landing page. To target your test on specific areas instead of testing everything, two big questions to answer are:

  • What areas of the current page are being clicked on the most?
  • What areas of the page are helping customers convert?

The only way to answer this is to track a few of these areas before running the test. Do customers use the navigation on your site or elements in the main content area the most? How many clicks does the shipping information get and are customers more likely to convert if it is clicked on? How important is our left navigation? Is anyone even using it? If so, which section is the most helpful? Is our promotional banner distracting users that land on this page?

Gauging answers to these types of questions will go a long way in targeting your tests to the elements that matter most to your customers. Plus, as you test, you’ll have these questions in your mind so you can know the answers once the test is completed.

Any behavioral data that you can collect to understand what visitors are clicking vs. what customers use will help target your tests towards relevant testing.