Conversion Wednesday – Small Changes, Big Results

By Chris C.


Gradual small changes to your site have big results.

Seriously, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen 5 words improve site-wide revenue per visit by over 7%. I’ve also seen the addition of a brand logo improve conversions by 7%. A 7% improvement on your site-wide revenue would make anyone happy, particularly considering this 7% improvement now occurs every month from now on.

How long does it take to change 5 words on your site? How long does it take to add a brand logo to a page? Not much time at all. Not only that, but you know what made the improvement on your site. Depending on the words or the logo, you might also have an understanding of how to push this idea even more on other pages of your site.

On the contrary, big changes to your site design and layout can give you questionable results. I’ve seen this too. If you try to change your product pages by displaying 15 different elements of the page in different ways, you often are left scratching your head in the end: “which one of these 15 changes helped us? Which one hurt us…? Could this be better if we moved this there and that here…?” You don’t know unless you test moving one variable at a time.

Big changes to your site also costs you money. Designing and then developing all of those changes to your product page is very labor intensive. And what do you get? More questions.

So, how do you get big results with small changes?

Test areas of your site that are already doing well
This is simple: a 10% improvement on a area of your site that contributes to 75% of your overall business is a lot more money than a 10% improvement to the area that only contributes 25%. Test where the money is coming from and your gains are going to be much higher. You will need the traffic and conversions to be sure that these changes are helping your site anyway. The more data you collect, the more confident you will be about your test.Test where there is traffic and where the money is flowing. It’s the fastest way to make more money.

Test areas of your site that will be seen by your visitors
How many visitors see your free shipping in your header? Does free shipping motivate customers to buy from you? Probably, otherwise, why are you offering free shipping? How many visitors see your Add to Cart button on product pages? Would more visitors see the free shipping messaging better if it’s by that Add to Cart button? Would this motivate more visitors to purchase now that more of them are seeing your free shipping messaging? Probably.

Make sure that the small change you are making is noticed by the majority of visitors to these pages. If the only place the your visitors can add an item to the cart is on the product pages, this is a spot that is seen by all of your customers. If your change is not seen, how will it ever change their shopping behavior? If you don’t change their shopping behavior, how do you expect to see any change

Stick to these two rules

You’ll find areas of your site that don’t require much work to have a big, insightful impact on your business.

Getting 5 tests in a year that have a 7%-10% improvement in revenue per visit can add up really quick to you making a lot more money…