Conversion Wednesday – Safari on OSX Lion

By Dan G


As many of you might know, Apple is releasing its much-anticipated latest version of its “OSX” Operating System this Week which they have named “Lion”. Its Safari Browser is among many of the OS’s features getting an upgrade.

So what could they possibly change about the Safari browser you might ask? What could they possible change to up the ante? Well here’s just a few to get you started. Let’s walkthrough the larger list items and see if any of them catch your eye. =)

If you’ve ever played with an iPhone or iPad for more than 5 minutes. I’m sure you’re well aware of how intuitive and advanced Apple has made their “Touch” technology. If you want to zoom in or zoom out on something you just pinch and zoom. If you’re reading an iBook and you want to turn the page, you literally “swipe” and turn the page! To quote Steve Jobs, everything “just works”.

So if you’ve ever used any of Apple’s products you might be excited to know that all of those intuitive “Multi-Touch” Gestures are coming to a Safari Browser near you! You’ll soon be able to pinch and zoom or tap to zoom when you want to zoom in and out during your web browsing experience. And if you prefer, instead of pressing the “Back” and “Forward” buttons, now you’ll be able to simply swipe forward or backwards through your web page history for each tab you have opened. Just like flipping pages in a book!

If that’s not intuitive I don’t know what is.

For all of those macbook and iMac users out there. This one’s for you!

If you’ve ever tried to setup Apple Mail or iCal so you can actually use these applications and gotten frustrated or given up. In Safari on Lion a new optional feature called “Auto Setup” will automatically setup your Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book, iChat and other apps the first time you login to your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or AOL Instant Messenger account! No longer will you have to labor over a tedious setup process just to get these apps working correctly. Now, they should “Just Work”!

Why is this good do you say? Well for me, it means backing up all of my emails on my personal hard-drive, using iCal so I don’t have to login to Google Calendar everytime I need to update, having all of my contacts saved in my address book on my personal hard-drive, and being able to use iChat instead of logging into Gmail everytime I want to use G-chat! This change alone, opens up a whole new world for mac users.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “New Process Architecture”. This change will help the perceived load-time of many websites.

You know how sometimes a webpage will load but your not able to click anything or scroll until the page finishes loading. The new process architecture addresses this by making browsing a more stable and responsive process. It does this by using 2 process instead of 1. This way, one process is designated to loading the page and the other is designated to you and your interaction with the browser elements that have loaded! Which provides a more seamless and more responsive browsing experience.

Some other quick features to note are the “Reading List” which lets users easily save web pages they find and want to come back to and the “Rubber-band Scrolling” which again, if you’ve ever used an iPhone or iPad is just a more intuitive interface. Now when you scroll to the top or bottom of a web page it will let you go as far as you want and then when you let go, it’ll spring back into place. Just a neat “touch” feature.

So has any of these new features sounded good to you? Does this make you want to by a Mac yet? Well you can learn more about this and all of the other OSX Lion features by visiting

If all of these features prove to be as good as they sound, then Safari on OSX Lion will definitely push the browser envelope even further.