Conversion Wednesday – Reduce Load Time

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


My name is Chris C., and today I’m going over how decreasing your load time can increase your conversion rates. Recently, I’ve seen some internet chatter on website speed being more important to users than functionality. So, I thought this would be a great topic to go over for this Conversion Wednesday.

Most often, examples of website testing have to do with color, design, layout, or functionality. However, there is one thing that every visitor to your site experiences, but is almost always overlooked: the speed of your website.

Every user experiences the speed of your site, so this is a great place to start testing! This is my preferred place to start testing. It’s also something I think should be tested every year or so.

You might think, “why do I even need to test this? It’s not like making my site faster will hurt me?”

True, while I have yet to see a case where making a site faster has negatively impacted a site, making sure you run a test while optimizing it’s speed tells you where and how much it is helping. In a previous Daily Concept video, I discussed the importance of having a controlled environment while testing and it’s being reinforced here. There are so many changes made to a website and so many different factors, it’s hard to pinpoint what caused changes in your site’s metrics. Making these improvements through testing gives you a way of understanding how much the changes have affected your business.

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So, what will making your site run faster affect in your analytics? It touches so many areas of your site, but here are a few main metrics that stand out:

  1. Load Time: This one is straight forward and obvious, but a slow loading website affects the time it takes for that page to load.
  2. Bounce Rate: This one follows load time: the longer the site takes to load, the more visitors will bounce before the page loads.
  3. Pages Viewed Per Visit: Visitors who bounce view fewer pages…
  4. Time Spent Per Visit: …and visitors who view fewer pages spend less time on the site. As you can see, these are all tied together with load time optimization. This leads us to:
  5. Conversion Rate: Slow loading websites can affect a customer’s decision to buy in any number of ways from frustration to losing trust in your site.

Even other factors like AOV could be affected (if it takes customers a long time to load pages they are probably not looking at other products you offer).

Here are some quick tips to help you decrease load time on your sites:

  1. Place all styling in one CSS sheet
  2. Make sure your images are optimized for the web
  3. Reduce the number of third party scripts running on your site
  4. Clean up existing javascript

Each one of these items is a chore that your site has to perform in order to load the site. Reducing the number of chores or making sure that all of the items are in one place for your site to find will help save time.

Remember that you are also gaining insight to your customers with every test that you run. Yes, even a load time optimization test…

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Thank you for your responses and have a great Conversion Wednesday!