Conversion Wednesday – How Color Impacts Conversions on Your Website



There are several different ways a website can be affected by color, today I will be explaining 3 very important elements.

  1. The overall website color scheme
  2. How to make important messages and call to actions appear noticeable on your website.

The overall website color scheme is important because it has to be memorable. Everyone can remember the best buy blue or the target red, but if you are a direct competitor these companies you want to stay away from their color scheme. People search thousands of websites every day, if a website is forgettable there will be no chance in getting a return visitor.

We can look at some big brands for inspiration. Best Buy clearly removed itself from being seen at a me-too by not copying the colors of their top competitors. Whereas Radioshack and Circuit city had the same color scheme. I don’t want to say that it led to the downfall of Circuit City, but it surely is an amazing coincidence!

Walmart is clearly separate from it’s competitors Target and Kmart, and you too, can identify the best way to differentiate your site from competitors. Just take a look at them. If your competitors commit to red, white and black, then any other colors, like blue and orange, would make you stand out from the crowd. That way visitors who think they are returning to your site, are certain that they are at the right place.

It would be a shame to have another similar looking site, take a sale that you did all the work for. So where do I think you should start?

Well, you can start by testing the smaller elements on your site, making important messages and call-to-actions stand out from everything else. The most important information should be the most recognizable on a website and this can be done using color.

I’m constantly launching new conversion projects for Exclusive Concepts clients, and we have been able to test button and messaging colors to find out how it impacts conversion rates. The video includes some screenshots to show you some examples of our work.

Based on this particular client’s analytics and conversion audit, we were able to make the decision of testing the button colors. We tested the price color, font size, as well as the “add to cart” button colors. We found that the orange button color was the winner vs. green, red, and the original blue. The orange button increased the product page conversion rate to 44!.

Any one of the colors had the potential of converting more visitors. Nonetheless, the orange resonated better with the users and the test was deemed statistically significant, or 100% confident, based on a very large volume of traffic.

So In closing, did you happen to know that Exclusive Concepts offers one of the most robust conversion improvement programs in the world? We call it Conversion Booster and it includes everything from the qualitative and quantitative analyses of your site; to creating breakthrough hypotheses; and then finally testing those hypotheses for statistical significance.

In short, we help our clients make more money from their current visitor base. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at I hope you enjoyed this presentation and that you have a wonderful Conversion Wednesday!