Conversion Wednesday – Focus on Goals

By Chris C.


Obviously you want to make more money by optimizing you website, but where do you get started?

The first step is to identify where you are losing the most of your customers. Are customers getting to your cart page frequently, but rarely continuing from there? Are visitors seeing your product pages, just not adding the products to their cart? Another common issue is high bounce rates on category pages that merchandise your products.

Find the area you want to target first and set that as your goal.

Your goal might be to increase add to cart clicks. Make it a point to aim for a 15% improvement in ATC clicks and try to reach that goal!

Now that you have your goal, come up with a few possible solutions to achieve your goal.

Go through you site and see if the main thing you want customers to see on the page is clear. See if adding a piece of information or moving your motivational messaging (free shipping, 10% off) will help customers move towards a purchase more.

Once you have come up with a few ideas, test the different ways you want to make this change on your site! Testing allows you to try a few different ways of making the changes you are thinking about and it gives you an understanding of what will actually happen if you make this change to your site. This lets you throw out the bad ideas and keep the good ones without hurting your optimization goals!

If a test doesn’t show an improvement: don’t give up!

Did the test not show improvement? Try a different approach. You know that this is the goal and target area you want to improve, so see if there’s a better approach that you missed.

It’s possible that you missed the mark with your first try. Try a different message. See if different colors help. Maybe removing competing elements or reinforcing your company’s value will help. We’ve achieved great results by running two or three tests to figure out what resonates the most with your visitors.

Was the test a winner? Great! How can you improve on this even more? Can you add more or change the styling of what you added so that it does even better? Don’t walk away and consider this the final answer. Always look for the next step to keep increasing your sales. If you hit your goal on your first try, why not raise the bar?

Focusing on your goal keeps your efforts concentrated on areas that will show the most improvement for your business. Once you hit a point where you aren’t seeing returns anymore, then shift your goal to another area of the site that you were seeing poor performance in! The whole point of optimizing your website is that you continue to improve your online presence.