Conversion Wednesday – Do I Need a Mobile Site?

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Do I need a mobile website for my ecommerce store?

I analyzed 6 stores and only found that 1 had a mobile website and it shocked me. On average over 4.9% of visitors came in from a mobile device. I am counting iPad traffic and understand that it has a much larger screen, but is still tedious to shop without an optimized site, especially at checkout with the lengthy shipping and billing form.

Average mobile conversion rate was very low amongst the 5 stores that did not have a mobile site:
.31% for the iPhone, .22% for the Android and .88% for the iPad, which again makes sense due to the large screen.

Now let’s analyze a store that has a mobile site and proper mobile device tracking set up.

Now using the site with a mobile store as the “Good Example”, let’s imagine if the bad examples set up their mobile store tomorrow and see what happens to their numbers:

With inexpensive options now available to ecommerce stores to set up a mobile websites, you have no excuse to not go out and set up your own mobile storefront to accommodate your mobile customers. It’s like closing your brick and mortar store at 5pm because you are tired, but your customers have to work later now and can only come by your store after 6pm. Stop ignoring these hard working customers of yours and make some more money!