Conversion Wednesday – Distraction Removal

By Chris C.


So, what is distraction removal? It’s just as simple as it sounds: remove elements on the page that are a distraction to the primary action.

I know this sounds elementary, but a lot of times someone new to testing wants to find the magical element they can add to their website that will make their conversion rate double. If you are new to testing, you can produce better results by simply removing elements from your site to shift attention and focus to the most important elements. This also requires a lot less design and development time which, in the end, saves you more money.

Distraction removal techniques also help you understand which elements of your current website are helping the customers the most.

A sample test would be to take your category pages and do the following:

  • Remove the left navigation
  • Remove any banners at the top of the page
  • Remove the left navigation AND top banners

Now, this assumes you have these elements on the site, but a lot of the sites I work with have these elements. By removing these areas, you are removing the different areas customers have to navigate to products they are looking for. You will be making a big, noticeable impact with a test that takes no design work and little development work. By running this as a multivariate test, you can cross-check results to see which missing element is either hurting or helping your site.

Remember, you can have big, impactful tests on your site by simply removing elements that already exist. You don’t have to work yourself to death trying to design a revolutionary element of your site.

These tests will:

  • Make an impact
  • Identify what is working best on your site right now
  • Teach you about where to focus your efforts on the next steps