Conversion Wednesday – Browsing To Buying Mode

By Chris C.


What is the difference between browsing and buying mode?

Browsing customers are customers who may have a need, but don’t know what they want or if the need is great enough to buy anything.

Buying mode customers are customers who are driven to buy what they want or need.

How do you get customers from browsing to buying mode?

To get customers to shift modes, you have to find their motivating factors. Common ones are:

  • Price
  • Shipping / delivery options
  • Merchandise
  • Trust in your website
  • Time

Price is often the biggest motivating factor. If you have a trusted website, carry the merchandise they are looking for, and have reasonable shipping options, adjusting the price can set you ahead of the competitors.

The last one is also important and is never talked about enough: time. In today’s world, nobody ever has enough time.

Our Time2Buy tool targets price as the main motivating factor and offers a discount when a customer exhibits browsing behavior on your site.

It gives incentive in the form of a coupon and then limits the use of that coupon to a timeframe you choose. This motivates the customer and forces them to stay focused now rather than putting the coupon off until later.